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Rape Sex Games – Rape Fantasy Xxx Games

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The Ultimate Rape Sex Games Fantasies On The Web

Although it’s such a sensitive topic these days, the rape roleplay is very popular amongst people from all over the world. In fact, this is one of the fantasies that men and women share in equal measure. Yes, there are more men who would like to be in the dominant position of this play of roles, while the ladies want to be the victim. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t dominant women who would love forcing themselves on some helpless men. At the same time, there are also fantasies of men raping men and lesbian predators forcing weaker girls to eat their ass and lick their pussy. However, because the topic is such sensitive these days, no director or porn production company risks being associated with the creation of rape fantasy content.

Things are a bit different in the adult gaming world. Since the production of online gaming content doesn’t include any real people, it isn’t too frowned upon to create games which are basing their action on the rape roleplay. If you have this fantasy, no matter on what side of the dom/sub dynamic of power you find yourself, I’m sure you will find games in our collection that will make you feel the thrill of the rape fantasy in the safest and most secure environment. Since everything takes place in the virtual world, no actors or actresses had to risk traumatic experiences shooting for such content. On top of that, we recommend blowing off the steam accumulated because of this fantasy with the help of our gaming hub. Rape roleplay isn’t for everyone. It’s a risky bedroom activity and the line between consent and exaggeration is very thin. Let’s see what you’ll find in the Rape Sex Games collection.

The Many Variations Of The Rape Roleplay

Rape Sex Games is coming with a variated collection of violent sex games which can be played directly on our site. You’d be surprised to find out how many kinks and adult entertainment genres are in fact based on the rape fantasy. But let’s start with the rape roleplay in the purest form we know it. We have games in which you can play a burglar who breaks into homes and assaults females that are alone. Your mission will be to cum and run before the police gets to the scene. On the other hand, we have games in which the women are the aggressors. Most of them aren’t about women raping men, although we did find some, but not all of them were worth playing. The ones worth playing are more into the BDSM cock and balls torture and pegging zone. But, if you’re into lezdom, you will love our lesbian rape games in which dominatrices are humiliating helpless girls to please their urges.

Now, let’s talk about the games that are branching out of the rape fantasy. The most obvious rape-inspired adult games genre is tentacle porn games. In these games you will play as crazy monsters with long tentacles and superpowers who have to catch young Japanese schoolgirls and stretch them to their limit against their will as they scream like crazy.

To remain in the supernatural sphere of adult gaming, you should know that the western counterpart of the hentai tentacle games are the monster games. All those games in which you play as a zombie chasing helpless western girls are inspired by the precedent generation of Japanese tentacle games, with a bit of a twist. This twist lets the girls defend themselves and if they get good at it, they can be the monsters hunting down the zombies and holding them hostage.

A Reliable XXX Gaming Platform

Rape Sex Games comes with the best online gaming platform of the moment. Our webmasters know how to run a porn site because they’ve been doing it for quite some time. They know what features a site needs for proper navigation and flawless gaming. First of all, we offer you a big collection, and our site comes with all the tools you need to find the best game for the moment in a matter of seconds. The fact that we properly tagged all games also helps a lot. And we even wrote text descriptions for our games. Once you find a game you will play it directly on our website, with no redirection. We offer browser gaming that’s free of lagging because the whole thing loads up before you start playing. It might take up to a minute for the big complex games, but once a game is loaded you can even turn off your internet connection and still enjoy the fun. Another thing about our site is the fact that it offers a 100% safe gaming experience. When it comes to kinks like this, people like to keep it private. That’s why we offer anonymous gaming on a site that won’t ask for your personal data or an account before you start playing. With no download, no installation needed and no strings attached, we offer true free gaming and here’s how we do it.

Enjoy Absolutely Free Sex Games On Shemale Porn Games

When we created this hardcore porn site, we wanted to offer you an excellent xxx gaming experience for free. We do that through smartly monetizing the traffic on our site. We care about building a loyal audience of gamers who will spend all their adult gaming on our site. And because we have such a great community of players, big porn networks want to advertise on our platform. That’s how we manage to make enough money to pay both our team and the developers who created these games without annoying the shit out of our audience. And we offer you so many reasons to stay and come back on our site. First of all, the collection is so massive. There are hundreds of hours of hardcore gaming on our site when you put together all these games. And then there are the new games that we constantly upload on our site. We bring you games which are played for free only on our site. If that’s not a reason to browse and play our collection, I don’t know what is.

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